Sea Air

A word of advice on why your holiday shouldn’t be postponed by Covid 19 fears

A Very British Holiday

If you are amongst the less timid, more stoic types, you will have probably decided that beyond taking some sensible precautions, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that we all need relaxation time.

Travelling abroad for your holiday will likely be fraught with difficulty. You may even find yourself a very long way from home, running out of money and unable to get home.

Staying in your own home however, will just seem like you have put your life on hold. Life is to be lived, giving up everything will not be an option for many.

Already, we are seeing greater numbers of people choosing to holiday in Britain, rather than to travel abroad. Renting a holiday property in England close to the sea, will be as safe as staying in your own home, perhaps safer, as you can expect fewer visitors.

Consider This…

The most sensible option in a worrying time like this, is to get away with the family, for a seaside holiday.

What could be better?

The benefits, in these uncertain times, of holidaying in Cornwall, in your own ‘home from home’, are many.

In the unlikely event that you need medical help, the NHS is always there to give you peace of mind. The Corona virus targets the respiratory system and there is nothing better for improving chest ailments than good old ‘sea air’… it is not just a myth!

We all seem to have forgotten, in this age of foreign holidays, that ‘taking in the air’ on the British coast, was seen as an important part of convalescence for asthmatics, for hundreds of years.

The reason sea air is so healthy is that it contains tiny droplets of sea water enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements, which are scattered into the air by wind and waves.

The bad news is that this year huge numbers of people will choose to rent a holiday property near the sea. If you want to ensure that your family holiday has the widest choice of location, you will have to book early.